17 things I’ve learned in 17 years!

So as I have recently had my birthday (I’ve just turned 17) I thought I would share 17 things that I have learned over the whole 17 years that I have been on this earth! Enjoy and sorry about the cliche ones..

  1. Never believe that you’re not good enough

    This sounds cliche but it has taken me a few years to accept that I am enough and I am good enough, you will face rejection and there will always be people that SEEM better than you but You are enough.

  2. Bloating is natural and it happens to everyone

    Over the last few years, despite consciously eating a healthy diet and going to the gym 4 times a week- I have faced lots of bloating! In the past I have let this get to me and become self conscious and down about bloating..but now I now that it is completely normal   especially women as it happens at certain times of the month!

  3. Exams are not everything

    After facing endless amounts of stress around exams, I managed to come out with a good set of results. Since completing my GCSE’s I have barely been asked about my results and I now know that it really wasn’t worth stressing over THAT much.

  4. The gym is not a scary place & lifting weights isn’t just for men!

    The gym isn’t scary and you do not need to worry about other people staring at you or judging you, everyone does their own thing and are too worried about themselves! 90% of the workouts that I complete in the gym are with weights, lifting if you’re a girl does not make you ‘hench’ or ‘manly’ and instead it gives you definition and a toned body!

  5. you can’t do everything

    It is impossible to fit everything in all the time, work, relationships, gym, horses, friends, blog, youtube, relaxing- it’s impossible! I have tried this before and it leads to stress & disappointment. It’s all about balance!

  6. I am very privileged

    Until you get a bit older you really aren’t able to appreciate how lucky you are, being supplied with a house, clean water, food, luxuries, treats, clean washing etc.

  7. Pasta with cheese and beans in is so good

    Just try it…

  8. Money goes very quickly

    Since I’ve been earning a proper monthly wage I have experienced how expensive life is..money does not hang around!

  9. Do not be lazy with fake tanning- Exfoliate. moisturise and use a mitt!

    If you follow the steps then you will have an even, golden glow..if you do it half heartedly you’ll be rocking the orange & patchy look..trust me! Also use Bondi Sands!

  10. Saving money is important!

    For the last 6 months I have been saving money every month, this is going to be so helpful when in the future when I need a house deposit or want to travel! Saving also makes me want to spend less money!

  11. Office jobs aren’t for everyone

    I have almost spent a year of my life working in an office job and although the experience has been great, it definitely isn’t for me!

  12. Gluten free isn’t that bad!

    After being Coeliac for 3 years I have adapted my lifestyle, introduced a gluten free diet and now the supermarkets and restaurants are on board it really isn’t that bad!

  13. Don’t rely on Social Media for approval

    It is very easy to get caught up in Social Media, striving to be ‘Instagram perfect’ and being comforted with bags of likes. Social Media is great but you do not need the approval of everyone on social media to know that you are good enough.

  14. Relationships take real effort

    It’s all about give and take when making a relationship work and last. In an argument think ‘is this really worth the argument’ and always think about things if it was the other way around, try to think about the other person!

  15. Experiences are more valuable than material things

    Over the years I have become hooked on experiencing new things and going on new adventures, for someone who loves a bit of shopping I have realised that I would rather use my money to experience things rather than buy more material things!

  16. Smoothies are underestimated

    A smoothie a day can almost get your 5 a day out of the way, the rhyme wasn’t intended I have to admit.. but spinach, fruit and juice blended is a great way of ensuring you’re getting your fruit & veg!

  17. You have to work for the things you want

    Another cliche one to end with, although I have always been very privileged and have never gone without, I have learned the value of money, time and effort and I have realised that sometimes you have to be patient for something that you want or to save up a certain amount of money, it can’t just be handed to you!

I hope you enjoyed reading 17 things that I have learned over the 17 years I have been alive!


  1. May 2, 2017 / 10:08 am

    I really enjoyed this post and definitely agree with all the things you said! Expecially about the gym not being a scary place, I recently got a membership to my local one and although I was nervous at first about being judged, I’m now completely confident there and just do me. Hope you had a great birthday! X

    Kate// itskaterose.com

    • lauryn.griffiths@hotmail.co.uk
      May 7, 2017 / 7:52 pm

      Thank you very much Kate!I’m so glad you enjoyed this pos, I enjoyed writing it! The gym is a great place, that’s great that you’re enjoying the gym and that your confidence has grown! I had a lovely birthday thank you x x x