A Perfect little Pumpkin Patch- Doddington Hall

Now I have passed my driving test Chad and I have the freedom to go wherever we want and we have agreed that we are going to start going to different places and trying out different things, as it’s so easy just to have a day in at home or just go to the gym in our spare time..

I saw that Doddington Hall had their own Pumpkin Patch and that there were set days when you can pick your own Pumpkins, I instantly decided that we had to go and I have now discovered my unknown obsession for Pumpkins.

Both Chad and I had never been to Doddinngton Hall so it made a really nice day trip for us both and it kept us occupied for hours- not only did we go to the pumpkin Patch but we explored all of the beautiful grounds and the lovely shops too!

The pumpkin patch was perfect for cute, autumnal photo’s and it made me feel so excited for this season. The patch was filled with an array of different pumpkins of all shapes and sizes; from giant ones that you could barely lift to tiny little pocket sized ones (they are actually so cute… I had to get 3) There was a huge selection of different colours too, from the fiery oranges to pasty Whites and even stripes!

The White Pumpkins had to be my favourite as they are so picturesque and make lovely autumn ornaments -I have seen these all over Instagram recently and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on one.

We ended up buying a fare few Pumpkins (when I say we I mean me) I couldn’t resist picking more up as I kept finding ones that I liked or found cute! I picked my pumpkins with the thought of making a pretty display for my room however Chad searched for one that he wanted to carve- how typical!

Before we went to pick our Pumpkins I got my nails done in a beautiful deep Burgundy colour and I thought I would dress for the occasion with my thick Tartan scarf and my Pink Joules wellies- could I have been any more Autumnal!

I discovered that these little cuties are called munchkins and I have fallen in love with them..they’re just so dinky and cute…From a mans perspective I don’t think Chad appreciated the cuteness of these as he was laughing at how much I loved them? but honestly, I have never seen such a cute pumpkin in my life..

I found it so therapeutic to be in the open outdoors surrounded by so many vibrant colours- and we just loved walking around together searching for the ‘perfect’ Pumpkins, in between me taking A Million and One photo’s of us and the Pumpkin Patch!

Once we finally picked and paid for our Pumpkin selection we went for a walk around the rest of the grounds including the lovely Farm Style shops!

We spotted this little fresh Fruit and Veg stall and I thought it was so cute, it’s so lovely to see all the fresh produce especially when it’s so colourful too! I wanted to buy a vegetable box but I completely forgot!

I loved the shops as they were full of homely bits and bobs including the most amazing smelling festive candles by a brand called Pintail (I already love this brand), I spotted this one called Warm Gingerbread and the scent couldn’t be any more accurate- it honestly smelt like fresh gingerbread being baked in the oven..I had to order one of these when I got home!

They also had lots of little Christmassy bits in including these cute hanging gold hearts and little wooden plaques- how cute!

I would definitely recommend a trip to the pumpkin Patch and Doddington Hall itself as the grounds are so beautiful; especially at this time in the year when everywhere’s dressed with rich Reds and Oranges! I feel as though this outing was the perfect way to start Autumn and it’s even made me excited for Christmas too!

Oh and If you need a Coffee/Cake stop throughout the day then the cafe serves really good stuff! I enjoyed the best Gluten Free Scone I have EVER eaten and Chad demolished a Chocolate Brownie that looked so good, it was the perfect end to our trip and set us up for the drive home.

Chad and I loved our first little adventure (our first road trip) and we can’t wait to explore loads of different places together, I will definitely be posting snippets of our trips on here as I love sharing these experiences with you and giving you inspo too!

That’s all I have for now- so I really hope you enjoyed hearing about and seeing pictures of our first ever trip to Doddington Hall’s Pumpkin Patch. I will be back soon with another post!