My new Fitness Journey! Ultimate Full Body Guide (UFBG)

For those of you that have followed my blog and Social Media accounts for a while you will know that I am a huge gym lover and obsessed with fuelling my body with good, clean foods.

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I have been going to the gym now for about a year and a half now and although I never took any ‘before’ photos, I know that the progress and the results that I have made are amazing. Chad (my boyfriend) has guided me from the start and we do 99% of our workouts together now as we both enjoy weight training and HATE cardio (we still do it when we can bare it!)

Recently we have both noticed how we have hit plateaus within our progress, this basically means that we have continued to work as hard but we haven’t noticed any progress within our bodies, this is so frustrating and it affects your levels of motivation; I mean who wants to work hard and get no results?

I have been following Carys from busybee.carys (this is her instagram) for ages now and I am always so amazed with the never ending progress that she makes. A couple of months ago she released her fitness guides and after reading into them and seeing before and after pictures, I knew I needed to invest in them!

I purchased all 3 guides, the home guide and The ultimate full body guide 1 & 2 for just £49, that’s more than half price as this bundle is normally £103. These are still on sale and you can purchase them HERE 

This guide is made by Carys and her highly qualified personal trainer. It is structured to work all parts of your body and to fully maximise your results. There is a workout plan that you follow for each day and there’s also demonstration videos of all the exercises that are included in the guide so that you know you are doing it right.

I have only completed day one of this fitness plan and I love it already. Me and my boyfriend completed the upper body workout yesterday and I am really feeling the pain today!

Some great things about this guide:

  • It is split into different ‘phases’ so you complete the same 3 workouts (and 2 cardio days) for 20 days and then they all change, this is great as it effectively strengthens different muscle groups but it doesn’t allow your body to get use to it.
  • It not only focuses on the different movements within each workout but it also focuses on tempo and rest times. The tempo is how long you do each part of the movement for, this has CHANGED my workouts FOREVER it makes everything 100 times more effective and it is one of the main elements to progress.
  • It is so easy to follow!
  • There’s a closed Facebook group where everyone supports each other!
  • You feel a difference in your workouts from day 1
  • Most of the exercises are done with weights rather than machines, I personally love this

I will be posting regular fitness/physique updates throughout the plan so make sure you follow me on Instgram: __lifeofablondeblog__ and subscribe to my blog through email!


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