My Top 5 Work out Essentials!

Today’s post is a collab with Kate from Life in Kateish! I will link her blog HERE so definitely go and have a read of her post!

As a regular gym goer and someone that goes on the odd run I thought it would be good to share my top 5 workout essentials with you as part of working out well and feeling good is having the right gym wear and accessories to help you get through it!

I will link all these products throughout this post.


  1. Nike Training Gloves 

When I started going to the gym 3-4 times a week I noticed that my hands were becoming sore and covered in little calluses (not a nice look) also I felt restricted to what I could do, as lifting heavier weights and using certain machines really hurt my hands! I picked up this lovely little pair of Nike training gloves from Sports Direct for just £10! These have completely changed my performance in the gym and are so comfortable, I wear an XS as my hands are tiny!


2. Jack Wills  Sports bag (shopper bag style)

Not long after starting the gym I realised how many things I actually needed to take with me to the gym and lugging around two handbags became unappealing very quickly! I picked this Jack Wills Gym bag up in the sale and I love it! It has so much space and several compartments and it looks good too! Unfortunately they no longer stock this style of bag however I have linked another Jack Wills Sports bag (HERE) that I love.


3. Huge New Look Water bottle

This Water Bottle is perfect for taking to the gym, it holds a huge amount of water and fits perfectly into my gym bag! I also love the design of this bottle which makes me want to drink more water, a very important thing to do whilst working out.


4. Running Belt!

I never thought I would purchase one of these, as the first thing that comes to my mind when I think of a running belt/ bum bag is old people on holiday (bad stereotyping I know) anyway I needed one of these to put my inhaler and phone in when I ran the lincoln 10k and it was ace! My favourite thing about this is it has a little whole in it so that your headphones can go through!


5. Gym Shark Leggings

Recently I have been loving getting new pairs of gym leggings, in particular: Gym Shark sports leggings! I now own two pairs and I can’t recommend them enough! I have the ‘Fit leggings’ and the ‘flex leggings’ Personally I prefer the material of the flex leggings as they’re softer but they are both great pairs of leggings, I have written a whole blog post on a pair of my Gym Shark leggings which I will link HERE for you.

I know I said Top 5 but…

I couldn’t leave this pair of trainers out! These nike Free runs are great for working out in, I find them so comfortable and I think they look great with all my workout clothes and also with jeans! I bought mine from the junior range as I have small feet which meant that I picked them up for £30! I will link them HERE for you.


I really hope you enjoyed seeing my Top 6 (whoops) Workout essentials! What are your Workout essentials?