New Year, New Hair

A great part of heading into the New Year is making mental and physical changes to yourself and I always love to make new skin, hair and nail routines to use throughout the year!

I have recently had my hair highlighted for the first time and I love it, I want to make sure that I keep my hair in good condition and prevent it from drying out.

I headed to Lush to find a product to completely rejuvenate my hair and after being guided by a Lush expert I went for one of their Hot Oil Treatments. I have been in before and opted for masks and treatments in tubs rather than a one off treatment on a stick, however the lady in Lush had used this a couple of weeks ago and her hair still felt and looked amazing. I will link it HERE 

I went for the Marilyn treatment aimed at natural and bottled Blondies which includes ingredients such as:

  • Chamomile Oil great for rejuvenating hair and scalp- also great for relaxation!
  • Lemon juice- Naturally lightens and brightens hair getting rid of those brassy tones
  • Extra Virgin Olive oil- restoring nutrients back into the hair- creating shine and softness

It is so easy to prepare, you simply boil the kettle, fill 1/2- 3/4 of a mug with water depending on how thick you would like the treatment and then stir the treatment stick in the water until all of it has melted. 

I then applied it all over my hair roots to ends, I kept applying it until my hair stopped fully absorbing it. I then left it for 20 minutes whilst I had a bath, I then rinsed it off and washed my hair as normal.

Here is the results! My hair was left feeling nourished and strong and looks so much healthier! It has also brightened my hair and embraced the blondness. Ignore the bad lighting my hair looks a little brassy in this photo but it looks so bright and ashy in real life! Also enjoy my bare face..

Happy New Year and Happy New Hair!

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