Simple Pot Pourri Tea light holders!

I know I’ve been obsessed with jars, twine and tea lights recently, but when i was shopping in town today, i came across some strawberry scented Pot Pourri in Pound land and i thought it would look nice in some old jars with some other bits, so i had to pick it up!

You will need:

-Old Jars any shape or size, you don’t need the lids

– Pot Pourri of your choice, i of course got pink and it has the scent of Strawberry flower and Lily which i love.

-Tea lights, i got a bag of 40 from Pound Land, unscented as i didn’t want them to clash with the Pot Pourri.

– Twine, this adds the traditional, seasonal look that i love.

– Nuts in shells, i thought I’d add a couple to each jar to make them more festive.
The rest is simple, fill your jar with the Pot Pourri, add a few Nuts, place your tea light on top and tie a twine bow round the rim of the jar. Simple!
I hope you enjoy this simple DIY, that’s all for today- Lauryn x