The miracle of cuticle oil!

I think we can confirm that I am a bad blogger, if you can even call me a blogger- I disappear for months and then post something that’s just so random..we might as well skip the apology and the pledge that I will try harder to post, as we both know how busy life gets and blogging time never seems to happen any more!


Recently I have been making more of an effort to get my nails done and trying my hardest to grow my nails rather than biting them at every opportunity I get. I go to Natasha to get my nails done, you can find her on Youtube HERE she’s a qualified beautician and nail tech and makes my nails very pretty every time I visit her!

Last time I visited Tasha I complained at how my nails never grow (mostly because I bite them) and when they do grow they’re so weak and snap straight away. Natasha was kind enough to give me one of her old bottles of Cuticle Oil and told me how this would change my nails completely. She said it would make my nails grow much quicker and not only that but they will be strong too!

I agreed to try it out and I didn’t expect much as I have been a nail biter for years and If I’m not biting them I’m picking at them because they’re so weak..

All I have to say is that I used this cuticle oil every day (sometimes day and night) for 3 weeks straight and I am SO impressed with the results, this product even made me post on my blog!

You personally may not think my nails are long but for me..they really are- obviously I’m use to having extensions on but my natural nails feel so long and healthy and I am amazed by the results!

This is the first cuticle oil I have EVER used and I am impressed with the quality of the product. Firstly it smells amazing; like lavender! It is a lovely consistency and so easy to apply to the cuticles as its applicator is a little nail brush that’s tucked neatly into the lid.

I would recommend this to anyone that has a problem growing their nails or anyone who suffers with nail weakness as this will allow your nails to grow quickly and strong too. You can purchase this on Amazon at a good price and it really is worth the investment!

I will link this product HERE for you if you are interested, I hope you enjoyed this review and I hope that I can post on here again soon!x