Warm Gingerbread in Winter- Pintail Candles

When Chad and I went on our little trip to Doddington Hall’s Pumpkin Patch (click HERE to read the blog post) I came across a lovely candle brand called Pintail candles, after smelling just about all of them I decided that I loved the smell of the ‘Warm Gingerbread’ one, it smells like winter/Christmas in a candle and I LOVE it. I will leave the link to Pintail Candles HERE so that you can have a look yourself!

I have burnt this candle a few times already and one thing that I love about it as well as the divine Ginger bread scent is how evenly it burns- this might not impress some people but it does me as it looks so much neater and it also means that it doesn’t becomes hard to burn.

Secondly I can’t get enough of this amazing scent, I could honestly eat it! I can only describe it as fresh gingerbread biscuits baking in the oven..mmm!

I chose the larger candle as I thought it might last me all winter (maybe not as I love it so much) also as there’s 3 wicks the scent quickly fills the whole room and what’s nicer than walking into a room that smells like Ginger bread!

Another great thing about this candle and the brand itself is the price, as I am a Yankee Candle lover I am use to paying a little over the odds for a lovely smelling candle however I was very impressed with the prices of this brand! For a large candle it is £12.50 compared to £20 for a large Yankee Candle.

Liam loved helping me with my photo’s and thought he’d pose too..how cute!

I am so impressed with this brand and I will definitely be purchasing many more of these candles especially around Christmas time! I think these candles would make a lovely gift and you can make it so personal as there really is a scent for everyone!

I hope you enjoyed reading about my new favourite local candles and I’ll be back soon with another post x