Winter Walks- A photo diary

One of my absolute favourite things to do is go out for a walk and take photographs, today me and my mum took Moe for a walk and I also took my camera along with me. We both felt so relaxed and refreshed afterwards, walking in different surroundings is honestly so therapeutic and It is one of my top ways of winding down.

Anyway enough of the chat, here are the photographs from todays walk- enjoy

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                                                                             A fallen feather..

                                                                  The hidden tree

                                                                   A beautiful bridge..

                                                                    Hello little birdy

                                                                     My beautiful mumma

                                                                             Noes to noes 

                                                                    Webbed feet and a yellow beak

                                                                            How far did they fall?

                                                                                   Over the edge

Au naturale

12 paws 2 feet- ‘a randomer’

                                                                                Wrapped up warm

 Standing above the water

King of the castle 


That’s all I’m going to share with you today, I hope you enjoyed looking at todays shoot- if you want to view more of my photography then you can find me on Instagram under lauryn_avril_photography. See you soon!x